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How do you feel about the war in Iraq?

I feel like we need to stay and help free the people of the alkida (forgive spelling please) they just use people lives so they can kill americans that is insane and the U.S. can't let maniacs like that run-a-muck

and if we leave that shows that the U.S. is weak and our enemys might rise up (china, Russia, other middle eastern countries) and get us.......

man the world is a rough place......and our kids are going to deal with our desions. my english teacher once told me

"Evil trumphs when Good men do nothing"

Pray for our kid not us..................God protect our soldiers.

How do you feel about the war in Iraq?
I think we went inti Iraq for the wrong reason, but now that we are there we need to finish the job. The real threat to the world is coming from Iran. The longer we put off dealing with Iran the more costly it will be.
Reply:You obviously aren't a patriot. There is no way any patriot would happily sacrifice thousands of his countrymen to bring democracy to a country hundreds of miles away.

If Al Qaeda was there all the time, how come we never cared until 9/11? This ridiculous War on Terror is a stupid PR stunt by a mentally ill Texan that has increased terrorism and sacrificed lives.
Reply:The actual term is MOOTW (military operation other than war). We're there helping the Iraqi people and training their police force to control crime. They love us over there, and I'm glad to be serving.
Reply:This is long. I'll answer the issues one by one.

"free the people of the alkida"

From Al-Qaeda I guess. Al-Qaeda is not restricting the freedoms of anyone. Al-Qaeda wasn't ruling Iraq. Al-Qaeda is not ruling anywhere in the world. Iraq was under the rule of Saddam, a nasty greedy dictator (like many others). Half Iraq loved him, half Iraq hated him, same as almost all heads of states including the one in the USA. Saddam was not related to Al-Qaeda and the last thing he wanted was to affect the value of the dollar. He was sitting over huge piles of us$ cash, not gold, not stock, not any other currency. In fact 911, and the changes in foreign policy after that, damaged him a lot due to the fall of the dollar. And, he's gone now. So, there's no reason to free anyone. There wasn't from the beginning, but now there's less than that.

"just use people lives so they can kill americans"

Al-Quaeda is just a concept. Most of the extremist groups looking for attention claim to be affiliated. Including insurgents in Iraq. And a lot of attacks were pinned to Al-Quaeda for political reasons. Just take a look at the murder of Benazir Bhutto. She was a muslim, conservative muslim, closer to the muslim people. On the other side was Pervez Musharraf, a president with sympathies for the western world and a declared enemy of terrorism. Why would Al-Quaeda kill her? Why not let her win the election? She would have taken Pakistan to a position closer to the (alleged) Al-Quaeda's objectives. It doesn't make sense. But it helps to keep the public image of the evil Al-Quaeda alive.

You have to differentiate between a terrorist that goes all the way to your country and blow things up (all saudi arabs by the way) and people killing US soldiers in their own land. I guess that if the chinese army invades the USA and kills your family and friends you're going to get mad at them. Or do you think it would be more appropriate to thank them for freeing you?

Also, you have to ask yourself why a saudi arab would want to kill US citizens. Maybe it's because Saudi Arabia is under the rule of a tyrant king, a good friend of the USA (government) that gets a LOT of support from it (including you money). Why Saddam and not Fahd or Abdullah? The kings of Saudi Arabia has been as bad and worse than Saddam. Religious persecution, massive killings and enriching themselves from their people. What's the difference? Why not free Saudi Arabia?

"the U.S. can't let maniacs like that run-a-muck"

Yes, it can. The USA is not in charge of policing the world. It's not doing it anyway. It's using that as an excuse to enforce its political agenda with the support of its citizens. The US foreign policy does nothing for you and it's costing you more than 50% of your income.

"shows that the U.S. is weak"

A country is as weak as their citizens. The USA is a strong government because it's able to impose its will upon its people with no room for opposition. And with a strong army that can impose its will upon any other army. The day you can board a plane with a gun, a knife, a screwdriver or a nail file, the day you can travel across your country without being stopped at checkpoints, the day you can trade anything with anyone with no embargo regulations or suspicion of money laundering, the day you can eat, smoke or drink whatever the heck you want, that's the day you'll be strong enough to make a strong country. I'm not saying that doing that things makes you strong. I'm saying that the freedom to make the choices for your life makes you strong. If your government tells you what to eat, what to smoke, what to believe, you're weak. Weak citizens under the rule of a strong government make a weak country. All it takes to put you down is to take over the government. Once the government is under control, you all are under control. It's happening right now. Iraq lost its government and the most powerful army in the whole world can't put it under control.

"our enemys might rise up"

Yeah, right. Do you really believe that someone is going to invade the USA? A crazy maniac is going to wake up one day and say "hey, they're weak, let's invade"? It's ridiculous. Just think about China, whose main source of economical bonanza is the USA buying stuff from it. They're sitting over a huge pile of papers saying that the USA is going to pay them back. Do you think it's wise for them to ruin the production machine that's supposed to pay them back? With the USA under China rule, those paper are worth less than toilet paper and probably 80% of China's production loose its customers. Wake up, you're living in a movie from the 60's.

"man the world is a rough place"

It's always been...

"and our kids are going to deal with our desions"

First thing you said that makes sense. You're going to vote soon. Remember this.

"Evil trumphs when Good men do nothing"

Exactly. The good men in the USA are doing nothing. It's a lot easier to swallow it one drop at a time.

"God protect our soldiers"

I hope he does and make the next president withdraw all troops from all places around the world. The soldiers are going to be safe and the people of the USA will focus on solving their real problems.
Reply:I feel stupid for it... but I agree with you... take a writing class would you?...
Reply:omg you mean there is still a war in iraq. i watched cnn today and no metion of iraq just something about hugo chavez talking and complaning
Reply:What war? Oh, you mean the police protection we are providing while a democracy that will never happen drags on? I think it sucks. I do support our troops. Always.
Reply:oh boy bush finally got on answers
Reply:i don't like war aggression generates more aggression.
Reply:I feel like people are very extreme on one side or the other. I think history will judge if the Iraq war was right or not.
Reply:why dont you go over and see how you feel about it and if we should stay and let our guys get killed for no reason. its not worth getting our guys killed for nothing.
Reply:Wow, you really have no idea about the overall picture. It saddens me that the only thing that most Americans know is what Fox news tells you. I'm all for the war but it's got nothing to do with helping the nice Iraqis have freedom or about oil. There are a lot of politics under this. I also don't believe our soldiers should get stop lossed and kept there. We have a lot of illegals who want to live here. "Here's your rifle, see you in 4 years." There is also the fact that we could "win" this war without ever putting an American on the ground. We should have made an example out of Afghanistan and said if you do it again we remove you from the planet, end of discussion. Then we would be missing the fact that it was mostly Saudis on those planes huh? That's another issue totally, imagine that... America is already weak, we're already in debt far above our heads. We have a lot of issues that need fixing. Rome is burning and Nero has stopped fiddling long enough to run for office once more. Until people in this country stop worrying about Britney Spears and football games and start picking up books about politics and the middle east and learning real issues, we will continue our downward spiral.
Reply:The truth is we need to leave asap We went in for one thing and removed the dictator and freed the country. We should have never entered Iraq in the first place and don't tell me that saddam was a threat. Where is your proof? I am glad they are free but it is time for them to police there own country. If they ask for assistance I would support sending troops but if they don't want us in there who are we to say that we should stay. This war must end.
Reply:there is no war, its more like a security operation. Its about time Iraqis took over security
Reply:We should stay. It's making a huge difference in the lives of the people there.
Reply:2 to the chest 1 to the head.

Semper Fidelis.

strictly business
Reply:We should never have gone to begin with......No one there wants freedom... they each want to be Saddam Hussien

We should have used the national guard to patrol our borders, spent a good portion on arming the Kurds, and spent the rest of the money on finding an alternative energy source.

at that point, all of the countries in the middle east could have gone back to being third-world......
Reply:I think we got off to a bad start, and that the president could've done alot more planning when he decided to go through with this. However, we're finally starting to see improvements, and we're keeping pace with al-qaeda. It would be a disaster if we just up and left.
Reply:our soldiers are going there to kill and be kill ..its you think its ok letting our ppl die

How Can Superpowers Survive when Global Warming and Low Earth resources is killing everything?

All media groups are talking about the rise of China and India as world superpowers in 20-30 years. Surely global warming and no oil will make everyone poor even the U.S. in 20 years.

It's all going to run out anyway!

How Can Superpowers Survive when Global Warming and Low Earth resources is killing everything?
The concept of "peak oil" and "global warming" is not talked about very much in major media in the U.S. because it doesn't help you sell the latest gizmo from China. Our media is way too perky for my tastes. As ocean levels rise and climates change, there will be crop failures, human displacements and starvation in poor countries.

The Western standard of living will be hurt as we reach the peak of oil production/capacity world-wide. We still rely on fossil fuels for about 86% of US energy needs, and of course just about every tangible product and even food crops (fertilizer %26amp; transportation) rely on oil production.

The irony of all this is the fact that most major businesses and countries realize the phenomenon of Peak Oil and Global Warming and they are positioning themselves to take advantage of it. The passage North of Canada will open up and has already been a point of international controversy.

We've had the internet bubble, we're experiencing the downside of the housing bubble. The latest issue of Harper's predicts the rise of the green industry bubble, which will help keep the economy going until it too bursts.
Reply:This is interesting as I was told a few years ago by a American that this would happen.

Oh well I wont be around in 20-30 years time just as well!!!!

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The North American Union on is this good??or BAD for the US?? on this site they sugarcoat the details but its simple the leaders of Mexico, Canada and US...are talking about a merger of the 3 nations to compete economicly against the EU and the rising economies China and India.

The North American Union on is this good??or BAD for the US??
There are lots of, lets say, ignorant people (in the nicest way) out there who believe if they ignore it, it won't happen but it is inevitable. In order for the North American economy to compete against the European Union, and more importantly, China, North America must form a united front.

And don't let the conspiracy theorists frighten you. It's not at all evil. The US is not going to stop being the US. Is France no longer full of lazy wine guzzling frog eaters? The US constitution will not be burned alongside a flag with cackling businessmen standing around it rubbing thier hands together.

I am a Canadian and I don't want to be an American either. And I won't be. I may have an Amero passport and Ameros in my pocket, but it doesn't make me anymore American than a European passport makes French German.

Also, It will likely be a great investment. So look out for the release of the Amero soon. If you get in on the ground floor, it will likely make some great short term gains!

And finally, please realise it is not a conspiracy. My mother called me the other day all shocked about it "Did you hear?" Like it started yesterday. This has been in the news a long time, well reported by CNN and the CBC in Canada. Just because people refuse to watch real news and turn the channel to Extra because Paris Hilton's new hairdo is all the rage doesn't mean the government and media are hiding the truth. It's a shock to me that it's such a shock to everyone. It's kinda hillarious. Everyone getting enraged because Lou Dobbs didn't hit them with a mallet and force them to listen. Let's all go sue McDonald's for getting us fat too. WATCH THE NEWS IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE WORLD!!!

Do some reading from the Source.
Reply:Despite their anti-NAFTA demagoguery, almost every independent and U.S. government study shows that Perot and the other anti-NAFTA leaders are dead wrong on the free trade pact. For example, it is estimated that there will be a net increase of as many as 200,000 new jobs as a result of increased U.S. exports to Mexico under the NAFTA. Today, trade with Mexico alone sustains at least 700,000 jobs in the U.S. Moreover, the NAFTA will help address many of the other concerns raised by NAFTA critics. The agreement will accelerate the rate of rising Mexican wages, it will address environmental concerns along the border and inside Mexico, it will help lock into place Mexico's free market and democratic reform programs, and it will diminish over time the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs crossing the U.S. border.
Reply:It is very, very bad! *sm*
Reply:I can't wait for my RFID chip! I LOVE Big Brother! I LOVE Big Brother.

This is only good for big business and the government officials that have a financial stake in those businesses.

This is not good for any average American citizen and definitely not for Mexican or Canadian workers.

Here's another really great site:

Do you think we are at the brink of WW III?

The nuclears of North Korea %26amp; India...

The rise of China %26amp; Russia to oppose the US...

The constant violence in Palestine...

And a hell lot of chaos in this world makes me wonder... Are we on the brink of WW III, or even worse, The End of Days itself?

Do you think we are at the brink of WW III?
Nah dude, we still got the internet! :D
Reply:No not at all.
Reply:No, but there may be new wave of terrorism coming up. Not really big war involving several nations.
Reply:Well, it has already started thanks to Bush and Co

It is only small right now, but as long as Israel keeps killing innocent people, the US keeps up its occupation and its hostile foreign policy it will eventually lead to a boiling point and the beans will be out of the can
Reply:We are already in WWIII. And it is SAM (Sub-animal materialism) vs. Islam which provided the most balanced and the most perfect way of life. Islam did not begin with Muhammad but as a matter of fact Muhammad (PBUH) was the last and the final true messenger of the God as predicted in Torah and Injeel (The book of Moses and Jesus) respectively). You see WWIII in Palestine, Kasahmir, Iraq, Afaghansitan and Chechnya etc. As opposed to shear materialism Islam provides nurture of soul, mind, body on one hand and self, family, community and world on the other. Only only Islam can defeat SAM so you know why all dirty false propagenda and defamation of Islam and Muslims by SAM worhippers. Islam and Islam alone can defeat SAM or Anti Christ materialism. They know it well and that is the reason they are after Quran, the final and absolutley perfectly protected divine book of the God; a lving miracle as it is protected in its original language letter by letter and word by word and it is today as fresh as on day 1. No people (all mankind) even produce one cahpter like that of Quran. It had been cahllenge of Quran from day 1 i.e. 1400 years and unanswerd. The WWIII will end in return of Jesus who will arive at Lud airport and will lead Muslim army against SAM worshippers and defeat them. He will then break the cross and kill the pig. He will mary, have children and then die a natureal death. Peopel form Afghanistan will join his army via Iraq while 70,000 Jews from Isfahan, Iran will join the army of anti Christ.
Reply:Why would you think so? The world is too inter-dependent right now to actually go to war. I remember a quote about Mcdonalds which says no two coutries that have mcdonalds have gone to war against each other. If this is true then we are probably going to see the end of war, given the way the chain is expanding all over the world.
Reply:The US will never be alone. Nobody could beat Britain, well sorry to say this, I sound arrogant. Nobody could beat England. Bush has nothing without us.

Can someone tell me where I might find this book?

The title of the book is "Why Geography Matters: Three Challenges Facing America: Climate Change, the Rise of China, and Global Terrorism" Its written by Harm deBlij. IF anyone knows a website in which I can buy this book please list the web address. Thanks.

Can someone tell me where I might find this book?
Reply:Why Geography Matters: Three Challenges Facing America: Climate Change, the Rise of China, and Global Terrorism -
Reply:Good luck !

(Post-edit ; I purchase books frequently from this site and with a single (Ocala,Fl)exception have had good experiences .)


Most successful race currently? In 2050?

Race of the following decent:

East Asian



Pacific Islander

Southeast Asian




Personally, I think the European Race is most successful as most of its countries are successful. In the future I think it is East Asian because of the rise of China will make a lot more rich people and due its large population, it will be more successful. In 2050, East Asia will have an average per capita of $37,000 and has a population of 1.5 billion. Europeans and their descents will have a population of around 800 million, each with $50,000. Overall, East Asians will be more successful in the future, but European race will be wealthier by alittle (1.3 times).

Chinese is NOT a race, it is a part of the race of East Asia (Korea, Japan, China, Mongolia). Kind of like how British is part of White or European.

Most successful race currently? In 2050?
ide say whites and east asians.
Reply:This depends completely on your definition of success.

Certainly, the east asians could be successful in the future based on the trend, but what it they never make regulations to control pollution? They could be dead and successful.

The Russians certainly said they were successful, but in the end, they failed.

The Western countries, have been asked to include all races in their success, so I suspect if that continues then your question will be pointless in 2050.
Reply:south-east Asian and Indian
Reply:race is a social construction so go read a book and learn something.

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Does it say in the Bible?

That the Eagle and Bear will rise against the Dragon (or Serpeant)? Someone I know once said this is symbolic of the United States (Bald Eagle) and Russia (Bear) rising against China (Dragon) in a WWIII type war.

Does it say in the Bible?
After reading all the answers before mine, I am amazed at the people who answer this question without any knowledge of the Bible at all. How can you answer without ever reading, let alone studying, the Bible? It's downright dangerous and reveals ones ignorance. This text is clearly Nostradamus. It is not in the Bible, and the book of Revelation (the last book in the Bible) is a symbolic book of eschatology (end times). It was written by the Apostle John while exiled on the the Island of Patamos, NOT John the Baptist!

According to Nostradamus the Eagle represents the United States and the Bear is Russia. The quatrains have proved unreliable since most all of the interpretations and predicted dates have gone by as false and unfulfilled.
Reply:well mostly the dragon is the symbol of the devil so i am not sure i would have to see the actual context as that book is full of symbolish as it is the dream of john the baptist.
Reply:yes people have said that but during the cold war they left out the Dragon part and said the Eagle will take down the Bear. So you see it keeps getting reinterpreted for every age.
Reply:This is kinda nutty. It also says that it is okay to keep slaves. Ignore both of these things. Heck, go ahead and ignore the whole damn thing. Unless you need help in figuring out how to be nice to other people.
Reply:Sounds like the wrong interpretation.
Reply:go to

yeah, it is interesting topic.
Reply:This is one of Nostradamus's quatrains. It's not in the bible.

Search Nostradamus at the

These quatrains are not predictions. No one has ever avoided catastrophe by finding a quatrain and saying "Look, here. If you don't wear purple socks today, then France will melt into a steaming pile of cheese." You have to look back at historical events and then tie Nostradaums's "predictions" into what happened.
Reply:Funny, I read the bible from cover to cover and never saw anything like that in it.
Reply:It's in Revelations 4:7
Reply:Look in the book of Revelation--the last book in the Bible--it's full of interesting symbols and things. You can go to to search for that stuff.
Reply:i dont think its in the bible. but maybe. i dont recall reading that. but the bible is big, so I might have just forgoten a part. lol
Reply:i will ask my paster and get back with you
Reply:It represents the country as powerful as that particular animal compares to, at the time it is predicted to take place. I dont know what the future holds economically or powerfully, but I bet by the time we get there, it will all seem clear in the book :)

Just be on the winning team... skip to the answers at the very end ;)
Reply:I don't think so. but if it does it will be in Revelations ( it has that type of stuff). i doubt it has anything to do with World War though.
Reply:Check out the end of Revelation 12 and the beginning of 13.
Reply:I've never seen that in my Bible. If you are interested in Bible prophecy and current events... email me.
Reply:Well i didn't notice about the eagle and Bear rise against the Dragon that showed in the bible. However i read the Daniel in the bible, it talks about the eagle,etc....Read Daniel and Revelation that will tell you everything clear.They excatly tell you the truth than someone told you because that person may be misunderstood. Smile
Reply:anything written 2000 yrs ago in another language and translated a couple times in symbolic language is not really meant to be taken literally in our lives.
Reply:It would be my guess he's describing something out of the biblical book of Revelations (last book of the new testament). This book does contains prophesies of upcoming events such as Jesus' return, though not everything in this book need be a prophesy. Remember, the author was writing to seven churches in europe. He may have just as easily been describing political figures in the day and time, much like we would describe the "donkeys for republicans".

A good source to check out would be to read about the book and what these "code words" could mean. Be it prophesy or other.
Reply:I think that might be nostradamus.
Reply:NO, the only time eagle or bear type creatures are used as symbols in the Bible is in the book of Daniel, and there is no mention of a dragon there. the dragon in the Bible is used exclusively as a symbol for the devil and nothing else.
Reply:I checked with because I have never heard of that being in the Christian Bible and I've read three different version of it. I have, however, heard that a scripture similar to that one is listed in the Qur'an, but according to Bible Gateway, there is no scripture in any version of the Christian Bible with the words "Eagle" and "Bear" in the same scripture (unless you count Deuteronomy 32:11 of the KJV version that says "As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings"). Therefore, I'm inclined to believe that it does not, in fact, exist within the Christian Bible.
Reply:No.. that is not written en the Bible, it was Nostradamus in his famous Prophecies who had that vision. And if i´m ok he was nos speaking about ww3, ha was announcing that two great armies will be needed to defeat at the powerful dragon... Read about Nostradamus its very interesting.... PS: Sorryh if i´m not writingwell , i´m from Mexico and obviously its not my first language